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Build easily your Faqbot your our Faqulty tool or contact us for a customize solution.

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Our Solutions

A solution for your needs

Faqbot page configuration


Save time registrating answers

Adopt our tool to automate part of your FAQ :

  • Registrate recurrent answers you want to automate.
  • Robotisez une partie de votre support, for a support available 24/7.
  • Improve your support by refining the automations step by step.

Customize solution

You have other need, we can suggest and develop a solution to fit your needs.

For every demand, a conversational agent can be set:

  • Generate leads with a chatbot and qualify your visitors.
  • Advise and power up your conversions with a sales consultant agent.
  • Manage your after sales service with a customer service bot.

My Chatbot Agency chat platform

Chatbot benefits !


Automatic and immediate support, access to the customer support at anytime of the day.

Conversational marketing

A chatbot allow to get more active clients on every day communication channel, messaging app..

Assist and retain

Be present in your customer mind, more efficience than an email, Messenger notification is also more special.

Fluid customer journey

No download needed, advice and informations go directly to the user.

Test our tool Faqulty

Set our chat widget on your website in few minutes, automate your answers and start to communicate with your visitors.


A lot of functionnalities to come


0 month

  • Widget installation in a minute
  • Access to live chat platform
  • Automation with Faqbot
  • Lead qualification
  • 100 bot resolutions included
Try now


29 month

  • Free Fonctionnalities
  • Unlimited faqbot resolutions
  • Visitors tracking
  • Remove branding
  • Select specific color for your widget

Customize solution

On demand

  • For companies who wish a complete solution to communicate with their clients
  • For support setting up our tool
  • To automate a customer journey thanks to a chatbot
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